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Thank goddness was 2015 is over. i'm still got tosay something about I have gone blue for my promised people I doing commissions and requests then I started. But i'll gonna do it just one at a time. This year, I'd bring all of you that I love Muscle Girls fan art. I want it to do my own drawing is not related Muscle females because I'll working on different fan art or i'd rather think about that for a moment.

Oh yes, I saw the new series by the end of was Dawn of the Croods on Netflix. I don't Netflix yet, the show has both male and female muscle growth on the 9th episode, "Garden of Eaten" Here's the for this:…

the scene starts at 19:29 to onward. The first time i seen Eep's mother and father (Ugga and Grug) growth muscles by eating weird foods.Gurg ate a bare fruits and Ugga ate whole of spider ants. I love the movie in 2013 by the title, The Croods.
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January 1, 2016


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