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I'm gonna ask everybody that I want the names for those two buff women from the episode, Gawayn - Gwen Smackdown when the announcer said. Just guess or used closed caption subtitles

The Blonde Muscle Woman - 03:14-03:16
Asian Muscle Woman - 07:18-07:20
Happy New Year, everybody! I got bad news is I've been out of my artwork since I got more sleep, stay up all nights because we lost our greatest people, stars, and was horrible year for us in 2016 but awesome anthro movies:
  • Zootopia
  • The Secert Life of Pets
  • Sing
The good news is I have plan for this year to watch movie theaters of 2 new movies, Saban's Power Rangers (2017 movie) and Smurfs: The Lost Village. also The Second Avenue Subway open on January 1st of the first phase until it complated it will continue to construction on the way.

what's the name for this female bodybuilder. please add comment to watch the clip.
I have something in mind that back then there's the first season of BrainSurge I remembering to describe a soccer girl flexes her muscle shows her biceps but i need picture of that. My word is open

I have found a clip of the game show but is not soccer level it's VOLLEYBALL in first round I must be so lazy here but I need think harder and harder. Brainsurge Episode 135 here's a scene of 5:30 - 6:02

Thank goddness was 2015 is over. i'm still got tosay something about I have gone blue for my promised people I doing commissions and requests then I started. But i'll gonna do it just one at a time. This year, I'd bring all of you that I love Muscle Girls fan art. I want it to do my own drawing is not related Muscle females because I'll working on different fan art or i'd rather think about that for a moment.

Oh yes, I saw the new series by the end of was Dawn of the Croods on Netflix. I don't Netflix yet, the show has both male and female muscle growth on the 9th episode, "Garden of Eaten" Here's the for this:…

the scene starts at 19:29 to onward. The first time i seen Eep's mother and father (Ugga and Grug) growth muscles by eating weird foods.Gurg ate a bare fruits and Ugga ate whole of spider ants. I love the movie in 2013 by the title, The Croods.
My works called  Vana the Glamazon has been removed by staff due to a violation of DeviantArt policy because the age of the character i got announce by today. I was not amused about that notes that's why i can't do nudity on DeviantArt, I'll do nudity muscle girls and non-muscle girls on furaffinity net or pixiv.
I just can't wait until Was on Thursday the 19th this November, turning 23 year old. three days...My family well spent time my birthday to go out and go to the movie theater with free tickets. 

I ask anyone to do art girts for me that i'm very proud.
Finally, the new episode are here in the series, The Fairly OddParents: The fairy Beginning. The scene where Wanda explains to Timmy about Jorgen had no muscle in the Fairly Academy yearbook because all fairies always have magic of muscle growth/inflation...any male or female.

Thank you for that, Wanda.:smirking: 


Muscular Cosmo and Wanda Shot 1 by TheFranksterChannel

Muscular Cosmo and Wanda scene 2 by TheFranksterChannel

Muscular Cosmo and Wanda scene 3 by TheFranksterChannel
In my latest journal I write: thefranksterchannel.deviantart…

Here's the link sign in for voluntering…

Hello, Everybody. you all know that I been sick last week I have sore throat that night on last Wednesday. I have been a little busy on my OC Gloria to create her character inspiration bio sheet what she is, what she's be like. Later, I'm gonna do a same thing on her parents.

To Do List
  • Gloria Hendrickson
  • Hughes Hendrickson (father)
  • Judith Hendrickson (mother)…
I've heard rumors about Everyone knows that the booru called, "AnimatedFeMuscles" is a spam in every web. Because It was me...all along I was create my booru since 2 years ago. Everyone wants comment that complains, comments on my journal.…
I want to everyone in DeviantArt to say have a great New year and for me...I'll get better to upload some old artwork, commissions, and request.Nod 

I'm going to do one at the time when you sent me a note as well for what I leave something for emergency message while I was out of DevianArt...what I meant was I'm not going to leave DeviantArt profile. I have to get a job for full-time or part-time for saving my valuables. Thank you and I see you in 2015!
Today, I'm back to my desktop for new pictures and writing for fanfic stories. I'm create group on DevinatArt for Animated FeMuscles in muscle bodybuilding/muscle growth/fitness in the television series, video games, and films.
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I'm glad to return for any comments on my career of DeviantArt. My desktop was mess up; I can't scanand log in on my User profile.

Right now, I'll plan for continue what I started for my fans offer me to draw the same muscle-bound original character (OC), based on the this picture:

Weightlifting Little Muscle Girl by TheFranksterChannel

All of you wants me to draw her more, then I accept. I did to give this little girl named Gloria Hendrickson, the only child who lives with her mom and dad. She was born in the hospital, the doctor and nurse gave her parents the powerful, glorious gem for her until she turn 8-9 years old while she doing bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc.

Enjoy your Happy Holidays.
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I was use my another DA account, GlenTheGreenEngine for only For I was an fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends to take back for my Thomas and Friends artwork has never been used again.
  • Watching: Kung Fu Magoo
  • Eating: Waffles
  • Drinking: Sunny D
I have waited for moments where I'm planning to do with Lorenzo Tan Gu's anthromorphic sisters from Kung Fu Magoo, as (Humanized) girls.

- Orangu-Tammy
- Aliga-Tory
- Weas-Elizabeth
- Gor-Illiana
Thanks to all of you for visiting to look and add favorites to my artwork. I'm very greatful.
In 2 week and a half, I'll take a little more break for working on my artwork until in the end, focusing the 2 exams on June 19th and June 23rd. This week was my last day on school program of STEP Academy.

See you all later. :)
In 3 days ago, I created my wikia called, "Animated Muscle Women Wiki," I'm  a founder of this wikia, I ask you to help me to make this popular for every female characters: anime, cartoons, cgi, stop-motion; has their gallery of high quality screencaps (or screengrabs, screenshots) and no nudity for that matter; just censored them.…